How to Access Google Task from Android?

Google Task is a good way to stay organized with your task as per priority and categories. If you are in love with Google Task than you definitely want to know how to use Google task in Android phones but it is not integrated within Gmail App. so here is it.

1. Just Open your Mobile Chrome Browser or any other your favorite browser.

2. In address bar type to open Google Task manager.

If you are using Gmail as a part of Google Apps associated with your domain name. Then visit[domainname] and replacing [domainname] with your domain name.

Here you can perform all the functions those are available in the desktop version. Except for Print and email task list.

Let’s take Google task to Next level in our daily routine. If you missed someone call and want to call him or her later because you are too busy to call back at that time. Put Missed calls to your pending task list with Android App.

The new version of is synchronized with google task. So if you have not installed, install it right now.

Now if you missed someone call then show you call later option and if you select it. All your missed call notification get sync with Gmail Task List and available inside Task list.