How to Access Google Task in Gmail

Google has provided many apps, software with awesome features. Some of the features are so nicely hidden that you might not have an idea that they exist. One of them is Google Task which is nicely hidden inside Gmail and Google Calendar which can handle your to-do list.

Let’s see how to use Google Task in Gmail

Step 1. Open your Gmail account in a computer browser. Now click on Gmailmore button.

Step 2. Now Click on Tasks. It will open a Task pop-up at the bottom of the right corner.

Step 3. To add tasks click on
add tasks icon.

Step 4. Now enter the list of task you have. If you have subtask add it by using Tab to indent the line and move it back by using “Shift + Tab“.

Step 5. If you have time bound task or want to add a note then click on  than  button next to the task to edit a task detail.

That’s it. Get most out of Google Task and organize your work in an easy way with categories.