How to Add Family or Friends to Your Google Keep Notes/Lists?

Add Family or Friends in Google Keep Note
You can share list, thoughts, and to-do to your friends, co-worker, and family on Keep. so next time you do not need to call or text them back and forth.Google keep making thing done with your friends and family in a faster way.

Let’s add friends and family to your note in Google Keep in Desktop

Step 1. Open your Google Keep in Desktop.
Step 2. Hover to Note you want to share with your friends and family. a menu will appear at the bottom of the note.
Google Keep Collaborator
 Step 3. Select Collaborator to add a member to your list or note.
Step 4. It will pop up Collaborators window It will show share icon. Click on Person or email to share with.
Google Keep Collaborator
 Step 5. Type email id or a name of a person you want to add to your list/ note. If you already have that person in your contact, it will appear in suggestions as you start typing name. Select the person from suggestions.
Step 6. click SAVE.
That’s it Now your note/list is visible to your friend and family member you just added.