How to Add Task in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Tips : If you are a time bound person then it might be very hard for you to remember time limit of each task, you have in your to do list.

So, let’s  How to Use Google Calendar Management with Google Task to solve your problem.

Step 1. To scheduling with Google Calendar, Log in your Google Account and open Google Calendar by clicking from desktop Chrome browser or any other browser you like.

Step 2. Now click on Create button. It will open a new page. Here you can add all the details related to your task like date, start time, stop time, Place, description, etc.

You can quickly add a task to your calendar. Click on Create and type name of the task and hit Add button next to it.

That’s it.

I use Google remind me something most of time, you can also add a task from your Android phone by creating a quick reminder by asking google now.

Use Google appointment reminder : Say “Ok Google. Remind me to meet CodyBaba“. Now Google will respond something and, “OK. Here is your reminder. Tap save if you want to keep it”.

That’s it. your reminder is saved in your Android’s calendar.