How to add shortcuts from your favorite websites to the taskbar in Windows 10

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To visit your favorite social networks, if you check email, or write a documents, instead of using a tablet or smartphone, it is likely that you have configured your PC in the best possible way so as not to waste time every time.

When it comes to browsing, all browsers offer us different options to add our favorite bookmarks so that we do not have to write the address every time we want to consult a web page in question. But if you are looking for speed, the best we can do is create a shortcut to a web in the form of an icon and place it on the taskbar.

How to add shortcuts from your favorite websites to the taskbar in Windows 10

To perform this little trick that will greatly increase our productivity, It is not necessary to have computer knowledge, you just have to follow all the steps that I detail below to be able to place in the taskbar the shortcuts to the websites that you usually visit and access them without having to previously open the browser.

Step 1: First, we must open the Microsoft Edge browser, which by default It is available in Windows 10. Later we show you how to change it so that instead of using Microsoft Edge, the websites are opened using another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Step 2: Once we have opened the browser and entered the web in the address bar, we went to the configuration button, which is represented by three points located one above the other. In the drop-down menu that appears, We select Pin this page to Home to place it in the tare bar.

Step 3: If we want to change the browser with which the web pages are opened, we only have to go to Default apps within Windows 10 settings and change the browser that we use by default.

In this way, each time we click on the icon, our default browser will open, instead of with Microsoft Edge, a browser that has improved a lot this last year and we should give it another new opportunity.