How to activate and adjust Night Light settings in Windows 10

A long time ago, from Microsoft, they decided to incorporate on Windows 10 the night light function, which can be easily turned on and off from the notification center of the system. Said function is very useful especially for when you use your equipment in low light situations or at night, as its name suggests, as it tries to reduce the emission of blue light and, therefore, it will less affect your vision.

However, the funny thing about this is that You can also regulate to what degree to use it, as it already happens in other systems. In this way, if you notice that the default configuration does not adapt to your eyes, because you continue to notice that the screen is uncomfortable for you to see, you can regulate it to be somewhat more aggressive, and vice versa.

So you can choose the intensity of the night light in Windows 10

As we mentioned, despite the fact that Microsoft incorporates a default midpoint for those who activate the night light function, the truth is that there is the possibility of regulating it, both to offer a lower emission of blue light and to give off a greater, according to the tastes of each user.

To modify all this, what you should do is, first of all, access settings Windows 10 (you can access it from the Start menu or by pressing Win + I, as you prefer). Once inside, in the main menu, you should choose the “System” option and then make sure that in the left sidebar you have selected the “Screen” option.

Then, among the different adjustments it offers, you will find the option “Night light settings”. You just have to press it and you will access the menu related to this display mode.

Once inside, you will only have to adjust the intensity of said light, for which you will be able use the regulator that you will find at the bottom under the heading “Intensity”. In addition, you will see how the changes are applied instantly, so you will have the possibility of how the alteration in this way affects your vision, and decide how you want it. Similarly, remember that with this configuration it is also important that adjust the screen brightness to your liking. Well, it is possible that this is the cause of your problem.