How to Attach Google Docs files to Events in Google Calendar

If you are organizing an event on the behalf of your company and want to give all the information regarding event list, documents, spreadsheets and other files directly to all the guests, who are attending that event.Then you are at right place to learn how to do it.

Let’s start linking Google Docs file with Google Calendar Events in Computer browser

Step 1. Open your Google Calendar

Step 2.  As per your requirement Create or edit an event in Google Calendar. To create a new event click on Create. It will open a new page, here you can add all the details of you events like event name, start and end date, timings, place, and attachments.

Step 3. To attach Files to this event click on Add attachments. It will pop out and show you three option Select a file from 1st Google Drive, 2nd Upload file,  and 3 rd Previously selected file. You can choose any one. Let’s say our file is at Google Drive.

Note:  If you are Selecting a file from Google Drive you need to give permissions to others to access to view the file. If you have not given that you will be asked to give access permission when you save the event. We will the sharing permissions at the end.

Step 4. Click on Google Drive and further select file type. All the file of selected file type will appear there and you can choose your file from them.

Step 5. When you are done hit Select button to attach the file to your Calendar event.

How to attach Google Docs file with Google Calendar Events in Android or Iphone & Ipad.

Step 1. In your Android mobile open Google Calendar App.

Step 2. Tap on + icon. It will show you three options 1st Goal, 2nd Reminder and 3rd is Event.

Step 3. Select Event to create an event. It will open a new window. Here you can add all the details of your event with descriptions, invite people, place, etc. And at the end of this page, you will find Add attachments from Google Drive.

Step 4. Select Google Drive. It will show you all the file you have in your Google Drive.

Step 5. Now you can select your event related file to attach to an event in Google Calendar.

Step 6. When you are done with all the details and file attachment for your event tap Save.

That’s it. Now you know how to attach file to your events in Google Calendar.
Sharing permission for Google Drive files

  1. Anyone with the link can view, Comment or edit: anyone who has the link of the file can access the file and forward it to someone else.
  2. Guests of this event can view, comments, or edit: This will add the limitations to your guests to have a Google Account to access the file. If you have given them “can edit” permission. They can only share that file with someone else.
  3. Save without sharing: Guests can see the title of file attached with event but cant open it.