How to Change Windows 10 Wallpapers Automatically


It looks cool when every time you start your computer and see a new wallpaper which refreshes and surprise you.

In today’s guide, we will see how to automatically change the wallpaper in Windows 10 with your selected beautiful pictures.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 with many features but one of the best features in Windows 10 is, its built-in slideshow feature, which allows you to automatically change the wallpaper after a set predefine time by you.

Windows 10 built-in feature use your picture collection as wallpaper source so wallpaper of your personal moments which you want to be on wallpaper should be download and stored on your computer. For this guide, I have my set of wallpaper. Follow the below steps to use windows 10 built-in feature.

Windows 10 Built-in Slideshow

  1. First and foremost important thing is Windows 10 only allows single folder for automatic change of wallpaper. So put all the images or pictures in one folder which you want to make the wallpaper.
  2. Right click on desktop it will open a menu with all the desktop option, click on Personalize or you can open Windows Settings and there you can select Personalize option.Wallpaper-personalize-
  3. Now select the Background. Here you will find many options, let’s set these option accordingly.
  4. Click on Picture below the Background to change it to Slideshow.
  5. Click on Browse button to select the Wallpaper collection folder you have created.
  6. Now to change the time interval below the Change picture every select the time from 1 minute to 1 day.

That’s it, Now onward after every set time interval, your desktop wallpaper will change automatically.