How to Automatically Clean Unused Files of Windows 10?

Every time you run any program on the system it creates residual or unused files. This collection of unnecessary files slow down your computer. Most of the smart user know how to remove the unused file from Windows but every time it is impossible for anyone to remove all these files.

Automatically Clean Unused Files of Windows

What if this whole process can be made automatic so that all unused file can be removed automatically. This Windows 10 feature is not enabled by default so you need to turn on. Follow the below steps to turn on automatically clean unused files of Windows

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1. Click on Windows icon on windows or press windows key on the keyboard. It will open the start menu.


2. Click on Setting small gear icon. Here select System tab. It will open a new window which shows all the option related to the system.


3. Now select the Storage option from the left sidebar and it will show all the option related to storage of windows including Storage Sense.


4. Here enable the Storage Sense and click on Change how we free up space to select the type of cleaning of the unused file either temporary or permanently.


Every Temporary file which is not used by Windows placed in Recycle Bin and after 30 days of no use, these files deleted from Recycle bin permanently.

In short, once you turn on this feature of Windows your windows is completely free from unused files and remain clean and tidy. If you have any query post in comment box.