Automatically Hibernate Windows 10 PC When Battery Is Low

You probably have a laptop with Windows 10 as the operating system. One of the issues that always causes concern on a laptop is the battery life. Although there are certain tips with which to try to make it last longer, there are times when we cannot charge the computer and said battery is running low. To avoid problems, we have certain options.

One way to get the computer to rest, but without hardly spending battery is to hibernate. Therefore, we can choose the option to hibernate if we want to leave the computer unused for a while until we can load it again. We can even have Windows 10 automatically enter this mode when the battery is low.

Automatically Hibernate Windows 10 PC When Battery Is Low

It is a very useful option, which allows us to manage the battery in the laptop well. At the time when the battery percentage is low, we can make Windows 10 automatically go into this hibernation mode. It allows us a minimum consumption during this time, which prevents it from running out until we can charge it. This is possible, which only requires certain settings on the computer.

To accomplish this, we have to check first whether the hibernate function is activated or not on the computer. This is something that we can easily do in the computer configuration. Once inside, we enter the system section. There we look at the options in the left column and click on Start/stop and suspend. We will only have to look for the option to hibernate and activate it, in case it was not already. In this way, we are ready to start using the function that we have mentioned on the computer.

Hibernate Windows 10 automatically

In this sense, We will have to open the Windows 10 control panel first.

  • Once in it, which we access through the search bar in the taskbar, we have to enter the system section and then the Power options section.
  • In this section, we find a series of options, where we must click on the option Choose the behavior of the start/stop buttons, which is located on the left side of the screen.
  • Then a new section opens, where we can configure certain aspects.
  • Here we have to click on Change advanced power settings, where we will see that a new window is displayed.
  • In it, we will be able to choose that the system will hibernate at the moment in which the battery level in it is lower. So we can have a good battery saving on the computer at all times.
  • In this section, within the power plan that we have active in Windows 10 At that time, we looked for the battery option. So we have to display the options within it and enter Battery Critical Level Action.
  • Here is the possibility to indicate the action when the equipment reaches a very low battery level. Of the options that we find within this section, the one that interests us is to hibernate. Therefore, we are going to click on it, so that it is the one that comes into force on the computer.

Thus, when we are using our laptop, when the battery reaches a critical level So Windows 10 will save everything we have open at that moment and will automatically enter this hibernation mode.

When the computer is turned on again, then we will have normal access to all these windows again and we can continue working. A good way to avoid that the battery of our computer is going to run out at a certain time, especially if at that time we cannot charge it. What do you think of this trick?