How to Take Backup of Mobile Contacts

How to Take Backup of Mobile Contacts

Most of us have thousands of contact on our mobile device but sometimes it happens that we lost our device and if we haven’t taken the backup of contacts then it is really a big mess.  Today I will try to explain all the possible ways using which you can take backup of your mobile contact and save yourself from the stone age.

Method 1. Take Backup of Contacts Manually and Save it on your device

Android devises by default has a feature to import or export contact. Using this feature you can easily take backup of all your contacts. Let’s see how to do it.

A. Open to Google Contacts App on your Android device and tap on menu icon i.e. three vertical dots.

Google Contact App Menu

B. There you will find Import/ export. Tap on it. It will pop up a menu to Import/export contacts.

Import export contacts

C. Now select Export to .vcf file. As you tap on .vcf file; It will ask for the save location. You can select any location like:

  • Downloads folder on your device or
  • Memory Card or
  • Google Drive account.

D. Just Tap on anyone where you want to take backup of your contacts and you are done.

Import export contact save location

In Short Press Menu Button → Import/export→Select Import/export method→Export to .vcf file→ Select location for backup contacts.

Method 2. Take Backup of Contacts Manually and Sync contacts to Google account contacts

Google Contacts app also gives you direct option to save your contact in your Google account contacts. You can access these contact from anywhere and on any device just by logging in your Google account.

A. Open Phone Settings. In settings, you find Accounts under the Personal head.

Android Mobile Settings Accounts

B. Tap on the Accounts and select Google. There you will find the Google account and your Gmail id.

Google Account for Contact

C. Tap on the Google account where you want to sync your mobile contacts.

Sync Contact Google Account Contacts

D. It will open the option to Sync all your device data to your Google account like

  • App data
  • Calendar
  • Chrome
  • Contacts
  • Drive
  • Gmail, etc

E. Tap on Contacts and tap on three vertical dots and select Sync now option

This will sync all your device contacts with Google Account Contacts.

Method 3 Use Third-party app to take backup your Android device contacts

On Google Play Store you will find many apps that claim that they take backup of everything on your device. Personally, I am using Super Backup & Restore for taking backup of Apps, Contacts, Text messages, Call logs, Calendars, Bookmarks, Pictures, Google Drives.

Let’s see How to use Super Backup & Restore

A. Go to Google Play Store and install Super Backup & Restore.

B.  Open the app and there you will find all the option for backup. Select Contacts.

C. As you tap on Contacts; It will give you many options. Select Backup All.

Super Backup & Restore Contact Backup

D. Super Backup pop up a window It has the download location of the file and asks you to edit the file name from the default. If you want to give a name to the file then you can give it now or directly tap on OK.

Super Backup Contact file name

E. As you Tap ok; it will start taking backup of Contacts and save the file on the location which you can find inside the Super Backup app folder in your internal memory of the device.

taking contact backup Super Backup

F. When it finishes the backup it will also give you the option to send this backup file Google Drive or Send to Others.

  • Google Drive: It will send this file to Google Drive associated with the Google Account, Which you have used to sign-in from device.
  • Send to Others: It will give you the option to share this contact file with the other via WhatsApp or Telegram or Mail or Shareit or Xender or Android Beam or Google Go or Bluetooth etc.
    • You can choose any one way to share your Contact file for safety or sharing the purpose.

Super Backup Successful and Share to Others

So, you can use any one of the above to take backup of your contacts. If you have any query feel free to ask in comments and don’t forget to share it with your friends.