How to Block Show Notifications in Google Chrome


The Web has changed itself to The Web 2.0 and continue in the process of growing itself along with it all the technologies.

One of them is Web browsers, which is interfacing between you and internet. For example, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Web browser developers are introducing new extension, add-ons, plugins and APIs for best user experience.

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One of the new features in a web browser is “Show Notifications“. To display notifications on desktop or mobile. A website developer is using Push API of browser and shows you the latest update on the website, new email in your linked mail account or when your wishlist item is available on sale by prompting notification on desktop or mobile.

Sometimes it is very helpful for you to track the latest update on the website without visiting that website when it updated in the background or it might be very annoying to you because of frequent notifications.

Now the situation is if you like it, no problem but what if you don’t like this feature of the browser because you are getting too many notifications request from the websites, apps, extensions you use. Sometimes this feature is also used for spamming or showing text advertisements.

So, we will learn here how to stop Show Notifications in Google Chrome at any time.

Step 1. Open Settings in Chrome Browser:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on overflow menu or hamburger icon {three vertical dots} of the browser. Now Click on Settings or
  • Type Chrome://settings/ in URL bar.

Step 2. Click on Show Advanced settings at the bottom of settings pages.

Step 3. Now click on Content Settings button below Privacy. Here you will find Notifications title with three options which let you block websites, apps, and extension to show notifications and a Manage exceptions which allow you to change the earlier setting for show notifications

How to Block Show Notifications in Google Chrome

Option A. Allow all sites to show notifications 

  • This allows all the websites automatically to show notifications from the website you visit.

Option B. Ask when a site wants to show notification (recommended)

  • This is the best option because this option gives you an alert from chrome and let you select whether you want notification from that site or not.

Option C. Do not allow any site to show notifications.

  • ¬†This option will block all the websites to show any notification.

Bonus tip: If by mistake or intentionally you blocked website earlier and now you have changed your mind and want to receive notifications from a particular website just click on Manage exceptions. You can reach it directly just by typing chrome://settings/contentExceptions#notifications in the address bar.