How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Most of Messenger users are facing a common problem that they are getting annoyed by the people on Facebook. If you are also getting annoyed by someone then I show you how you can block or remove these annoying person from Facebook completely or partial without unfriending them and if you have been blocked by someone then you can know by checking Step by step guide.

Medium Level Blocking:

How to Block Someone from Messenger.

If you only want to stop an annoying person from sending messages then you can block them from Facebook Messenger. In this way, the annoying person can connect with you on Facebook but not on messenger.

  1. Open the contact/annoying person chat in Messenger.
    Block from Contact in Facebook Messenger
  2. There you will find Block. Tap on it.
  3. In Block option, you will find two way of blocking (a)Block Messages & (b) Block on Facebook (we will see it next)
    Block Messages in Messenger
  4. Toggle next to Block Messages from that particular contact.

That’s it you are don. The annoying person is still your friend on Facebook but can’t send you messages on Messanger.
Before we move to next level of blocking on Facebook you need to understand that what are Message Requests and filter messages on Facebook.
If you send a message to your friend then it will go directly into the message box of your friend.

Message Request: If you send messages to unknowns who has a mutual friend with you then your messages go into the Message Request folder of that person; Facebook shows a message request like someone you might know messages you. Then he or she can decide whether they want to receive messages from you or not. If the user accepts the message request then the message goes into the inbox; otherwise, you will never know that the person has seen your message.

Filtered Messages: If you send a message to someone who doesn’t know you and not have a mutual friend with you then your message will go into their Filtered Messages.

Moderate Level Blocking:

How to unfriend someone from Facebook

Using this kind of blocking you can stop that person annoying person to send messages directly. Let’s see how you can unfriend someone from Facebook.

  1. Open the Facebook profile of the annoying person and click on Friends.
    Unfriend from Facebook
  2. There you will find “Unfriend“. Tap on Unfriend.
    The annoying person can see your Facebook profile and updates but when they try to send you messages; Their messages will directly go into the Message Requests. That gives you the freedom or right to decide whether you want to receive messages from them or not.

Highest Level of Blocking:

How to Block Someone Completely from Facebook

Here you will see how you can block someone from messenger and Facebook. But after this annoying person won’t be able to contact you by anyway on Facebook from their own Facebook Profile.

Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Open Facebook profile of the person and click on the three horizontal dots next to Messages on or tap on “More” in Facebook app.
    block on facebook
  2. There you will find Block option. Tap on Block to block that person completely from Messenger and Facebook.

That’s all. So now you can block anyone on Facebook accordingly to your requirement. If you still have any query feel free to ask in comments section.