How to burn an ISO image to a disc (CD / DVD) without installing anything in Windows 10

Since the arrival of Windows 8, double-clicking on a file in ISO format automatically mounts it to a virtual disk drive. Without a doubt, this is something that can be quite useful, since it prevents the installation of third-party programs for it. Still, if for example, you want to start your computer from a said unit you will not be able to do so since you will need to burn the ISO image to an external medium.

In this case, the method that is spreading the most today is the burn ISO files to a USB storage drive, but the truth is that this requires third-party programs and the like. However, both if you prefer to go to more classic methods, as well as if you prefer to do it directly with your own Windows tools, the easiest is to burn your ISO file to a disc, be it CD or DVD.

How to burn ISO files to a disk drive

First, logically some requirements must be met for this. One of them is that your team has a recorder and disc reader to be able to carry out the process as is logical, and another is that you have a disk. In this case, you should take into account the storage of it, since you will not always be able to burn an ISO image to it if it occupies too much. For this very reason, and To avoid falling short, we recommend to buy DVD + R DL type discs (8.5 GB storage).

With this in mind, to start, you will have to insert an empty disk in the CD / DVD drive of your computer. Then, locate with the Windows file explorer the ISO image to burn, and then right-click on the file and select the option “Burn Disc Image” to open the recorder preinstalled with the operating system.

Finally, in the disk image recorder, you will only have to choose the recorder you want, as well as select if you want the disc to be checked once the disc is burned and click on the start button to start the process. If all goes well, in a few minutes, you will have your disk ready to use wherever you want.