How to Force Cortana to Use a Different Search Engine

How to Make Microsoft Cortana to use Chrome, Firefox instead of Edge3
Windows by default use all the apps and software developed by Microsoft. You can check it using Cortana. She is by default using Microsoft Edge browser for your search from the start menu.
Unfortunately, windows allow you to set default apps for a particular task. So we will use this loophole and set Chrome or Firefox as our default browser for Cortana search.
let’s Set Chrome or Firefox as default search browser instead of Edge.
Step 1. click on Windows icon on Screen and type default app settings. It will appear in search.
Step 2. Click on Default app settings.  It will open Settings windows.
Default app settings
Step 3. Click on default apps in the Left side menu. It will open the all the option available in windows to change default apps for Music, Mail, Web browser etc.
Step 4. Click on Microsoft Edge below the Web browser header. It will popup options for browser installed in your operating system. Click on Google Chrome or Firefox as you like.
Default apps
Choose apps
Step 4. Scroll down and Click on Set defaults by app. It will open a new window to Set your default programs.
set your default programs
Step 5. In Programs menu select Google Chrome. Details of Google Chrome will appear on the right side.
Step 6. Click on Set this program as default to set your browser as default browser to perform all kind of task which a browser can do.
Step 7. Hit Ok
That’s it Now onward your windows will use Chrome as default browser.