How to Make Cortana to search with Google instead of Bing on Windows 10

Make Cortana on Windows 10 to Searches Using Google Instead of Bing

I personally prefer Google Search than any other Search engine. To use Google Search, I need to open my browser. When Microsoft introduced search from Start menu using Cortana. I thought that now I don’t need to open my browser and I can start my browsing directly from Windows Start Search Menu. But Microsoft sets Bing as a by default search engine.

So here we will see how to force windows to search using Google instead of Bing.

For Chrome user:

Step 1. First set Chrome as the default browser for windows.

Step 2. Open you Chrome Browser and search for Chrometana Extension. This extension redirects your bing searches to Google.


Step 3. Click Add To Chrome button to install the extension to your Chrome.

Once the Chrometana is installed in your Chrome and you make a search form the Start menu search. It will populate result from Google search and when you click it will open in your Chrome browser.

For Firefox user:

Step 1. Let’s set Firefox as default browser

Step 2. Open Firefox and look for Bing-Google Add-ons.
Step 3. Now click on Add to Firefox and install Bing-Google Add-ons in your firefox to redirect your Cortana search from Bing to Google.

That’s it enjoy your browsing with Google Search from Cortana on Windows 10.