How to Change Input Language Using Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

Windows 10 gives us the possibility of using multiple languages ​​on the computer and keyboard. You may make use of this option since you work in another language, or you are from another country, for example. Therefore, you usually have to be changing the language on the keyboard. It is not a complex process, but if it is something that we usually do, a way to streamline it is always interesting.

The reality is that there is a way to make keyboard language change much faster in Windows 10. Since we can use a keyboard shortcut, that will allow us. Although in the first place, we have to configure this shortcut on the computer.

How to Change Input Language Using Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

We just have to open Windows 10 settings, using the Win + I key combination. Once inside it, we enter the devices section. We then look at the left column on the screen, where we have to click on the writing option.

Then click on Advanced keyboard settings. We will get a new window on the screen, where we have to search and enter the option called Language bar options. A new window opens on the computer, where we are located in the Advanced Key Configuration tab.

In this section, we find the option Change key sequence. So we can choose here the key combination we want to use so that we can change keyboard language in Windows 10. There are several options, so each one chooses the combination that they think is easiest for them.

When we have chosen this option, this keyboard shortcut has already been established. Suppose the next time we want to change the keyboard language in Windows 10; we just have to use this shortcut. This will put the computer keyboard in that other language that we use in it.