How to choose the cores that each application can use in Windows 10


How to squeeze and maximize the performance of our Windows 10 computer It is something that many users seek to know. Therefore, all kinds of tricks are used, in the hope that some will help us. There are times when the system does not work as well as we would like, although we can do something to improve this.

There is a trick that we can use in Windows 10, to take better advantage of the performance on the computer. There are more and more improvements in the operating system so that we can obtain a better operation on the computer, how to choose the cores that an application will use, and make the most of this operation.

How to choose the cores that each application can use in Windows 10

It is a trick that has been available for a while in Windows 10, but that is not too well known. We can choose which CPU cores of our computer will be the ones that a specific application is going to use. This helps us to distribute the work among these nuclei in a way that is most efficient for us, which is something of importance to users.

For this to be possible, we are going to open the Task Manager on the computer. When we have opened it, we are already in the Details tab so that we can see the processes and applications running at that specific moment.

We then have to look for the specific application that we want to distribute among the cores of our CPU in Windows 10. We right-click on this application, and We then enter the Set Affinity option. Doing this opens a new window, and we can already indicate which cores we are going to use.

We can repeat this process with the applications that we are using in Windows 10. It will allow us to distribute your performance in a better way at all times, avoiding that the consumption is too much, and in this way, we can better squeeze the capacity of the CPU in the computer.