How to Lock Individual Google Chrome Profile With A Password?

How to Lock Individual Google Chrome Profile With A Password

Most of us are used to save our password in the browser but do you know if someone else has access to your system can have your password too. Here we will see how to protect Google Chrome Profile.

Chrome is the best browser because of its special pages which allow you to do a lot of things with your browser. One of the features is it allows you to save your logins, password and basic information for automatic filling. When you open a website, whose username and password saved in Chrome, Chrome will automatic fill all the field from stored data.

You can access these stored username & password from the special page “Chrome://settings/passwords“. Honestly, this is a great feature and you don’t need to remember tons of password for individual websites.

But what if someone gets access to your system? They can open your browser and steal all your important username and password like your net banking or Facebook, Gmail etc. You may be a victim of snooping attack.

There are many ways to protect your browser from these attacks from a website which tries to show you notifications. Read here how you can block show notifications in Google Chrome.

But What if you have a common device (like desktop, laptop, Mobile) among friends or family. Here we will see how to use a flag in Chrome to set a password for Chrome profile so that you can avoid these snooping attacks.

Part A. Make changes in Chrome

Step 1. Create or open your Chrome Profile browser.

Step 2. In the address bar type “Chrome://flags“. It will open a special page of Chrome where you can access all the experimental flags for chrome.

Step 3. Now, look for “New profile management system“.

New profile management system

Step 4. New profile management system is default. Change it to Enable. It will popup Relaunch Now option to restart Chrome because changes will work after the relaunch of chrome.

New profile management system

After the relaunch, you will find current username profile label on top right corner. Click on it to access additional options.

Part B. Adding a Password Lock to Chrome.

Step 1. Add person to Chrome

Step 2. Click on profile name on top right corner. It will open a drop-down menu. There you will find “Exit and childlock“.

Exit and childlock

Step 3. Click on Exit and Childlock. It will lock down your browser and no one can access without entering your account password.

That’s it Enjoy!!