How to Connect To Multiple Facebook Account

Connect To Multiple Facebook Accounts

Facebook has expanded itself more than a social networking site and now providing many options, for example, Facebook Page Insights, Facebook cover (for big brands), Facebook search, etc.

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If you have two Facebook account one personal and secondly for business then this is for you. Because Facebook doesn’t allow to log in more than one account at a time.

Now to solve this problem let’s take a little help of Google Chrome. If you have already read our post to create and handle multiple profiles in Google Chrome. We can start directly and if no problem. You can create a new user profile on your Chrome using it built in profile feature.

  1. Click on Navicon three vertical dots [icon name=”ellipsis-v” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] which allow you to customized and control Google Chrome and go to Settings or click onĀ chrome://settings/.
  2. Now click on Manage other people. It will open a new window and at the right bottom, you will see Add Person.
  3. Click on Add Person and enter the name, select the profile picture and click on Save.


That’s it now you can login to your multiple Facebook accounts as per user profile by just switching between user profile at the top right corner.