How to Control Android Phone From Computer by AirDroid


Airdroid is one of the best application available for Android users to access Android device from Computer which let you transfer files, play music, view messages and pictures and much more.

In this tutorial you will see how Android app is used to control you Android device from Computer.

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Access Your Android Device From Computer

Step 1. Install AirDroid

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search AirDroid. There you will find it, Tap on AirDroid: Remote access & File to install.
  2. It will ask permission to access your device’s files and Apps for giving you access to your device on your computer. Tap on Accept to start download and installation of the app.Install-AirDroid
  3. Once AirDroid is installed. Tap on Open to open AirDroid. It will ask you for Sign In or Sign UP.

Step 2. Create Account on AirDroid

  1. It will give you three options to create account
    1. Using Google Account,
    2. Using Facebook,
    3. Using Twitter &
    4. Using Email Id.sign-in-or-up
  2. You can select any one of them to create an account and sign-in AirDroid.

Step 3. Control Your Android Device

  1. Open AirDroid App. There you will find three-way to connect your Android device to Computer or another device.AirDroid connect
    1. AirDroid Web:
      1. Open browser on your computer and visit or
    2. My Computer:
      1. Go to and download AirDroid client application for Computer
    3. Add device:
      1. Install AirDroid on the second device which you want to connect and from where you want to access your first device.
  2. Here we are using QR Code scan method to connect Android device to the computer.
    1. Open Web AirDroid There you will find QR code.Web Airdroid
    2. Now open you AirDroid App in Android device. Tap on QR code next to clock icon to connect your device to the computer and scan QR code from your Android device.
    3. Now AirDroid will authenticate first and after completion of authentication, it will show you the home screen of AirDroid in Browser with all the specification & information of the connected Android device and options & features (Batter Power, wifi, Messages, Music, Contact, apps, Files Camera, Account etc.) using which you can control your device.Apps and Features of AirDroid
  3. Features available on the Home screen of AirDroid
    1. In the right side, you will see the details of the connected device. Click on Detail. It will show your device details.
    2. Transferring and Managing Files.
      1. Click on Files icon. It will open File Browser where you can find files available on your device.
      2. At the top right side, you will find three option
        1. Download: Using this you can download any file from your Android device to your computer.
        2. Upload File: Using this you can transfer any file from your computer to your Android device.
        3. Upload Folder: same as upload file, you can upload entire folder to your device.
    3. Messages in AirDroid allows you to send and receive Text messages. Messages open separate Panel where you can type messages to a conversation.
    4. Call Logs: It gives you entire details of all calls on the device which you can also edit.
    5. Music Panel: It allows you to play music on the computer which is available on your Android device. Using drag and drop you can transfer music.
    6. It also allows you to Manage Apps installed on the device.
  4. Disconnect the device from the computer: click on disconnect button from home screen of AirDroid or Exit button in AirDroid App.AirDroid Menu

That’s it. If you get any problem ask in the comment section.