How to Create A Custom Search Engine for Your Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online cloud storage provided by Google. There you can store your files, image folder and many more things. But do you can also make a search in Google Drive from your address or URLs bar (Omnibox) of the browser. Let’s see How to setup a custom search engine for Google Drive.
Step 1. Open your Google Chrome in desktop and click on Three dots right to the URL bar. and select Settings to open settings page in chrome.
Or Click on chrome://settings/ to open the Special page in Chrome for settings.
Step2. Now look for Search header and below it, you will find Manage search engines…

Step 3. Click on Manage search engines… It will open the Search engines available in your browser.

Manage search engines...
Step 4. Go to the bottom of the Search engine pop and look for empty entry box for add a new search engine.
add a new search engine in settings
 Step 5. Now enter the following data in the input text box.
  1. Add a new search engine : Drive
  2. Keyword : Drive
  3. Url with %s in place of query:
Custom Search Engine for Your Google Drive
Note: in URL %s will be replaced by search terms you type in the address bar.
Step 6. Hit Done button to add your drive search engine.
Now let’s test our custom Google Drive Search Engine. for example, we will search codybaba image which is already saved in Google Drive. or you can try for other items that are saved in your Google Drive.

Step 1. Type “drive codybaba” hit Enter.

Google Drive Search Engine

It will redirect you to your drive and show the result related to your search text.