Windows 10 often seeks to facilitate the use of the system for people with hearing problems. So there is the possibility of making use of subtitles on the computer. So if this person does not listen well or it is not always possible to understand what specific audio says, they can be used. To make use of them, a series of aspects have to be configured.

This is discussed below. We show you how it is possible to configure these subtitles in Windows 10. So that they can be used if necessary in the operating system. It is something simple, but it has to be adapted to each user.

How to customize subtitles in the Movies & TV app on Windows 10

  • In this sense, we must first enter the Windows 10 configuration. Within the computer configuration, we enter the accessibility section.
  • In there, we look at the column on the left side of the screen and there we will see that one of the options is subtitles.
  • In this section, we can establish various aspects of these subtitles on the computer. If we want, we can choose the color in which we want them to be displayed on the screen.
  • There are a number of colors available in this sense that it is possible to use. So it is a matter of using the one that is most convenient in each case.
  • In addition, Windows 10 allows us to set the level of transparency of them, in addition to the size and typeface. So that they fit perfectly with each person. Whether you want bigger or with a font that looks better. All this can be configured in said section in a simple way.

So, when these subtitles are going to be used in Windows 10, everything will be configured in a way that is comfortable for the user. As you can see, it is very easy to configure. So it shouldn’t be a problem at any time.