How to Delete Messages on SnapChat

How to Delete Messages on SnapChat

SnapChat is another messaging app which allows the user to send pictures or videos or messages to friends for a short time and after the certain time, these messages are inaccessible. But it also allows your friends to save these messages on their phone because SnapChat downloads all the messages in the user mobile and not on the SnapChat server. Deleting your SnapChat account is last option; But for deleting your messages, it is more damaging.

How to Manually Delete Your SnapChat Conversations 

  1. Open your SnapChat account settings by tapping on the Gear icon at the top right corner in the SnapChat Profile.

SnapChat Settings

  1. Look for Account Actions; There you will find Clear Conversations.

SnapChat Clear Conversations

  1. Tap on Clear Conversations; It will show you all the conversation those are ready for deletion. Select the individual conversation or all conversations, you want to delete at once.

Let’s go to the Advance level of cleaning SnapChat Conversation

As Clear Conversation option available in SnapChat won’t clear the entire messages and conversations because of some of your conversations are still left in your device cache too. To remove the Cache you can use any cache cleaner app like Clean Master. It will remove the cache by removing unwanted remnants of data and these messages are no longer be accessible to anyone.

What are Saved Messages in SnapChat

SnapChat Conversation is a two-way thing. It means any message can be saved by tapping on the messages either by sender or receiver (recipient). If the message has the blue or red thicker line next to it and message is shaded or highlighted, it means the message is saved. If the line color is red, it means you have saved that messages or if line color is blue, it means receiver has saved the message. This saved messages will stay on your until you and your friend un-save it.

How to Delete Saved Messages in SnapChat

Deleting SnapChat Conversation won’t erase your send messages those are saved by the message receiver.

You have to ask the receiver to tap on the message again and you also need to do the same to un-save the message. As the thicker line before the message goes to the normal line and the message it is not highlighted or shaded anymore. It means the message is not saved anymore.

Now just by tapping on the Clear Conversation option, you can also delete the saved messages.

How to Disable Auto-Save Stories in SnapChat

Most of the user is not aware that their stories are automatically saved to Memories.  To stop auto-saving of stories, you need to disable it from settings.

  1. Tap on the Gear icon to open the SnapChat Settings.

  2. Now look for Memories and tap on it.

  3. Under the Saving; You will find Auto-Save My story. If the checkbox is marked, Unchecked it.

SnapChat Auto Save Stories

That’s it

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