How to Delete Your All Previous Tweets Location Information

twitter Delete location information

Twitter one of the best social networking site which provides many features to their user. Adding tweets location information to tweets in one of them. Nowadays Some people just to trend on Twitter adds their Geolocation to their tweets or Posting on Facebook using a smartphone. Although geotagging features of these social media sites help you to express yourself in a better way but do you know that by providing an exact location in Tweet, you are risking your privacy and security?

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If you have already shared your private locations in your Tweets intentionally or by mistake and now you want to remove your location data. The following step will help you to remove you private locations earlier shared by you on Twitter.

  1. Login your Twitter account.
  2. In top menu near the Tweet, you will find your profile icon click on it. Your profile icon will open a drop down menu with many options.profile-and-settings
  3.  Select Settings and privacy in the drop down menu. It will open twitter account setting page.Settings-and-privacy
  4. In the left menu bar, Click on Privacy and safety. In the right side, it will show all the information regarding Privacy.Privacy-and-safety
  5.  Under the Privacy header, Click on Delete location information.Delete-locaiton-information
  6. It will ask you for confirmation to remove your location information data from all your past tweets. Click on Ok.

That’s it, It will take nearly 30 minutes to remove all the pass tweets location information.