How to Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Time Limit

WhatsApp has given you, your last seven minutes to delete the WhatsApp messages you have sent to someone before its too late to regret later. But do you know that using a simple trick you can extend this time limit to indefinitely? Yes, you heard right. In this tutorial, we are going to share this hack which let you delete WhatsApp messages after the time limit i.e 68 minutes before they are read.

In our earlier post, we have shared how to use delete WhatsApp messages if you missed read now and if you want to read the messages deleted by someone who sent it to you earlier, you can also read deleted messages. Let’s see how it works…

Delete WhatsApp Messages After the Seven Minutes

1. Turn Off internet connection; Disabled your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. It will stop sync between your WhatsApp’s server and your device.

2. Force Stop the WhatsApp; Go to Settings → Applications → WhatsApp → Force Stop.

3. Now again Go to Settings and change the date and time according to the message you have sent or try to change the time before you sent the message for better.

4. Now open WhatsApp while you are offline, as we have closed internet connection in step 1.

5. Open the chat and select the message you want to delete.

6. As you select the message, a bin icon will appear. Just tap on Delete icon. It will ask you delete for everyone.

7. As your message has been deleted. Turn on your internet connection and reset the time and date to current one in order to sync your WhatsApp messages with the WhatsApp’s servers.

8. As you WhatsApp chat synchronized, your message will be deleted from the WhatsApp’s server and appear as the message was deleted. Now continue using your WhatsApp as normal.

This trick will work up to 5 Days ago. if you tried to change the date much older than this, WhatsApp will show you a warning to update your application.

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