How to View (and Erase) Your Facebook Search History


Nowadays we are searching everyone on Facebook either for business or friendship.  But do you know that Facebook also saves your search queries which including everything whatever & whom you have searched on Facebook in Facebook Search history. No will have access to this search history except you or whom you have given access to your account.

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Delete Facebook Search History

1. Log in your Facebook profile and click on  in the top right corner for move option. There you will find Activity Log, click on it.


2. Now click on MORE below the Comments for more options. In MORE you will find Search option, click on Search to see your entire Facebook Search history which including everything you have searched on Facebook.

3. Now click on Clear Searches to clear your Facebook search history


That’s it you are done here, now onward for privacy or safety whatever your concern is, you can delete your Facebook search history. Don’t forget to comment