How to Stop Aero Shake from Minimizing Your Windows

A very common situation on our Windows 10 computer is that let’s have a lot of windows open at a certain moment. Various open programs, file explorer, and much more. But at a certain moment, we want to return to the desktop, which is not an easy task in that sea of ​​windows. Luckily, there is a helpful feature here.

Maybe The name Aero Shake sounds familiar to some of you. It is a function that we have available in Windows 10, with which we will be able to quickly return to the desktop, minimizing all the windows that we have currently open on the computer. We tell you all about this interesting function below.

What is Aero Shake, and what is it for?

This function has been present for some time in computers with the Microsoft operating system. It officially entered Windows 7, but it has been maintained in later versions of the operating system so that we can also use it in Windows 10 at all times. It is a function with which to return the order to the desktop, allowing to minimize windows in a simple and very fast way. This is something that surely interests many of you.

Aero Shake is a function that allows you to shake or shake any window; all other windows that are open at that time will be minimized. So we can access the desktop in Windows 10 in a couple of simple steps.

A function that is ideal for those moments when we have too many windows open on the screen, and we cannot get back to the desktop at any time. Also, if we want to establish a little order again on the screen.

As you can see, it is easy to use the function, which does not have too many complications. We can use it with any window that we have open in Windows 10 at that time. It does not matter if it is from any program that we have open or from the file explorer. All the windows currently on the computer are compatible with the Aero Shake function. So we can use the function at any time without too much trouble. Very comfortable and fast, we get rid of annoying windows in a simple gesture on our computer.

How to use this function in Windows 10

The way we can use this function does not have too many complications. We have to choose one of the windows that we currently have open on the computer.

It does not matter what the program is in that case, simply the one that we have open at that moment on the screen. When we are in that window, we have to be at the top of it, in the same point or upper bar where we can click to move the window. We then place the cursor at that point.

When we have positioned the mouse at this point, then we shake or shake the window, moving the mouse from side to side.

You will see at the moment how all the open windows are also minimized, and we already have access to the Windows 10 desktop with total normality. So we can have access to it again and perform the actions that we consider appropriate at that time. It is something that will hardly take us a few seconds of time, as you can see.

If we need to open the other windows or want to establish some order, we can do it this way. All of them have been minimized, so we have access by opening them from the taskbar.

So if there were too many windows open at that time in Windows 10, it could be a good way to go back to the desktop and start organizing or rearranging everything again, so that we have fewer windows or everything better organized to work better in our case.

Have you ever used this Aero Shake feature before? Do you think it’s a utility function?