How to Disable Emergency SOS Auto Call on iPhone X

Disabled Emergency SOS Auto Call on iPhone X

SOS emergency feature is one of the best features of iPhone for his users but sometimes it gets triggered by accidentally holding down Power buttons for several seconds. The Emergency SOS  first start a countdown from 3,2,1 and then dial the emergency services number on your behalf.

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Disable Emergency SOS on iPhone X to Stop Accidentally Dialing 911

In today’s article, we will change a little setting of iPhone which let you disable Auto Call with Emergency SOS and give you a swipe on the screen Emergency SOS control to dial emergency services whenever next you hold the power button for several times or it got accidentally pressed in your pocket.

1. Go to your iPhone Settings app and tap on Emergency SOS.

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2. In Emergency SOS setting you will find Auto Call. Tap on the slider next to Auto Call to disable “Auto Calling in Emergency SOS“.
Auto call SOS

Now the next time when you press Power button for several times, it will show you a slider for Emergency SOS on screen. Just swipe to the right on the Emergency SOS on the screen to call emergency services.