How to Download Whatsapp Status Story to your Phone Gallery

How to Download Stories on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently released a new feature called WhatsApp Stories or Status. It allows you to use your camera for live Photo shot or video and use it as your status on WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp feature has some limitation like it only appears for few minutes and then it disappears automatically i.e. you don’t need to remove it manually and secondly WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to download WhatsApp Stories of users.

Download WhatsApp Stories using Story Saver For WhatsApp

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Story Saver for WhatsApp is third party app. It is free and available on Google play store. It also works fine with both the WhatsApp and OGWhatsApp.This app is very easy to use.

Download WhatsApp Stories

1. Go to Google Play store and search for Story Saver for WhatsApp and install it.

2. Once the installation is finished, Open Story Saver App. You will see Recent Stories, Saved stories.

3. Tap on Recent Stories to download WhatsApp stories of your WhatsApp Contact. It will show all the stories shared by your WhatsApp friends.

4. Tap on the WhatsApp Story of your friend to select which you want to save.

5. Now tap on the  Download at the top right corner to download WhatsApp Story of your friend.
6. Once the download is complete the saved story will appear in Saved stories option on the home screen of the app. These downloaded stories also appear in your mobile gallery.
7. From Your mobile gallery, you can manage the downloaded WhatsApp stories i.e share & delete.