How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Tool or Extension


Most of us are fond of YouTube videos and audios but there is no perfect tools or extensions which allow you to download YouTube media and those are available on internet bothered you by the ads and malware.

Start Downloading YouTube Media Unaided

Requirement: A web browser with the “Network” developer tool and active Internet connection.

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How to Download YouTube Videos & Audios

  1. Open your browser, here we are using Firefox.

2. Open Developer Tools in the browser and now go to Network tool or if you are also using Firefox then you can use short key Ctrl+Shift+Q.

3. Now to see the HTTP requests made by the browser to play media file like audio and videos, Click on Media tab under Network tools.

4. Now click on YouTube video you want to download and in the Media tab under Network tool you will see the request made by the YouTube page for that YouTube media.

5. According to your preference of audio/mp4 or video/mp4 file hover the Type Column in Media tab.

  • Note: If you are using IE like a browser that doesn’t separate request for audio & video files of YouTube media under Media tab like Chrome or Firefox then just search for Audio or Video in the search bar of Network tool.

6. Now click on the Size tab and select the highest size link if you want video or audio, click on it and copy the full URL. (For confirmation check URL it should be the domain)

7. Paste the copied URL in the address bar and remove the range parameter in the query string and hit Enter.

8. The YouTube media will open. Now right click on the page and select “Save As” to download the file.

9. Now the final step if you want video and audio together, just download both the file and merge them using any media editor (like Windows Movie Maker) you have on the computer.