How to Enable Chrome’s Copyless Paste Feature?

Enable Chrome's Copyless Paste Feature

Google is making Chrome best for its Android users and now one more feature i.e. Copyless Paste has been added by Google to the list of awesome feature.

Functionality: Suppose you want to go for lunch and checking restaurant in Google Chrome on Android device and after that you switched to Maps app, The keyboard suggest you the name of the restaurant you recently searched in Chrome to enter into the search bar of Maps apps.

It is an easy and fast way to copy-paste. As per Android Authority, they are trying to teach a machine to learn and predict what a user want to copy form a particular page. As far as the privacy concern, the prediction and suggestion are made locally on the device and not sent to Google Servers. Till the date, this feature won’t work in incognito mode.

So let’s see How to Enable Copyless Paste Feature.

First, it’s available in Chrome Version 60.x.

Step 1. Open Chrome in Android device.

Step 2. In address bar type “Chrome://flags” and hit submit. It will open Special page of Chrome.

enable copyless Paste feature in Chrome

Step 3. Now look for App Indexing (Copyless Past) Android or click on chrome://flags/#enable-copyless-paste. It will take to you right flag.

Step 4. This flag is set to Default. Change it Enabled. It will popup Relaunch Now option.

Step 5. Tap on Relaunch Now button to restart android Chrome browser.

That’s it Copyless Paste is enabled now. It’s in the testing phase. So, It may not work for you. But if you want to give a try, you can follow the above steps. If you want to disable it. In Step 4. Change Default/Enabled to Disabled and relaunch your browser.