How to enable the new Share UI in Windows 10 (Insiders only)

Compartir Windows 10

Upcoming updates from Windows 10 will include the new screen sharing feature. A function that will allow us to share the content of our computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The operation will be similar to Google Chromecast, but in this case, we will not need any accessory or complement, only a monitor or television that has a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, let’s go.

Unfortunately, this function only is available to users of the Insider program, that is, the users of Fast Ring. But despite this, it is necessary to activate it to work in our Windows.

How to enable the new Share UI in Windows 10 (Insiders only)

In order to have a new function, we have to open the Windows 10 registry. This is achieved using the Regedit.exe tool, a tool that you already discussed earlier on how to open it and make use of it.

In this case, we have to go to HKEYLOCALMACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft SharePlatform. There we right-click and go to “New,” create a file inside the SharePlatform folder in which we will insert “32-bit DWORD value” and then call it “EnableNewShareFlow” with value 1.

This new Windows 10 registry file will be saved, and then We will restart the operating system so that its effects are taken into account. After restarting, Windows 10 will have the option to share a function that we will find in “Settings,” and not only the option to activate it will appear but also the configuration of this new function of Windows 10.

It must be remembered and emphasized that this function is intended for users of Windows 10 Insider and that the versions that are not this could have problems with the operating system, so you have to be sure.

It is also an unstable function reason why it can give us problems even though at the moment it does not usually give many problems and those that appear are not serious system problems.