Find Free Wi-Fi Nearby Using Facebook

Use Facebook to find all the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots

Facebook has introduced Find Wi-Fi on iOS and Android Facebook App. This feature shows all available free Wi-Fi hotspots near to your location.

How to Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots using Facebook

1. Open Facebook on iOS or Android.

2. Tap on More menu. It will show all the option available on Facebook App.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi3. Tap on Find Wi-Fi, It will ask you to Enable find Wi-Fi.

Enable Find Wi-Fi Facebook iOS App

4. Tap on Enable find Wi-Fi. This setup will ask to Set location access to “Always”. Tap on Always Allow.

5. As you activate Find Wi-Fi, Facebook show map with all available free Wi-Fi Hotspots near to your location with the information of business entity that provides the Wi-Fi.

List of Wifi Hotspots FAcebook Free Wi-Fi

How does Facebook Know the Hotspots location?

All the Facebook business page owner can add their Wi-Fi details to their Facebook page under Edit Page Info for better reach to real people around them for business. As the Brands add their Wi-Fi details, Facebook uses it to show you under Find Wi-Fi nearby you on Facebook App and connect you with the businesses near to you.