If you have reached this article, it can be for two reasons: it has caught your attention to the possible inconsistency of the article title or because you know what I am talking about, and you are interested in knowing the registration of your Wi-Fi card. The Mac is the Wi-Fi modem license plate.

In some companies, to avoid that anyone can connect to a Wi-Fi network, they configure the router/modem so that only the computers that are part of the office can relate, in this way, prevent third parties who know the access codes can access and infect all computers.

How to find out the MAC address of my Computer

If the Wi-Fi network is limited to the computers recognized by the router/modem, it is useless to know the password, since we will never be able to access the network, at least until in the list of license plates of the router/modem, update to include the new equipment.

Knowing the Mac of our team is not a very simple process that we say since it is not a data that needs to be consulted periodically as if it could be the state of the connection, the quality of the signal … Here we show you a method to know the MAC of a PC.

Via command prompt

This is the fastest and easiest method to know the registration of our team.

  • For this, we only have to access the command prompt through the command CMD in Cortana’s search bar.
  • Then we must write on the command line getmac
  • In the first line, it shows us the MAC of our equipment, a MAC that is made up of 8 digits made up of numbers and letters always in capital letters.