How to Fine Tune Facebook News Feed

tune to facebook news feed

Have you ever think that what is Facebook all about??? Why Facebook is social networking site?? If the answer is no then you need to read this. Facebook is a social network which enables Facebook users to share their everyday events for example status updates, photos, videos, links, etc.

Here comes the main concept of Facebook News Feed. Every time when you open your Facebook wall, you will see a personalized News Feed. News Feed shows you update received from your Facebook friends, family, businesses, public figures and news sources you have joined or connected to on Facebook, which they have shared on Facebook which includes status update, photos, videos, links, app activity and news.

Most of Facebook user see their Facebook News Feed according to Facebook News Feed algorithms. It shows feed influenced by your¬†Facebook friends, family, businesses, public figures and news sources. Some times it happens that you are missing out on important content from your Facebook friends. some of us don’t like the way of news feed provided by Facebook. There are certain settings in Facebook which enable you to get Facebook News Feed into shape.

tune to facebook news feed

Top Stories or Most Recent

You will see News Feed, Just below your name in facebook desktop view. Facebook has given you two way to see the news feed one is Top Stores and secondly is Most Recent. Just click on “Sort” and Facebook will show the way of news feed you can get.

In Top Stores, Facebook evaluates the posts in following ways:

1st Who posted it: You interact with most are prioritized in your news feed

2nd type of content: What ever you like most photos, videos or links, Facebook prioritized the types of posts for you to interact with them frequently.

3rd Interactions with the posts: Likes, reactions, comments, and shares.

Top stories ordered accord to above three parameters and assigned a rank to determine which will appear first and will appear in last.

If you are not satisfied then you can edit preferences and give new shape to your Facebook News Feed. Preferences allow you to take control and customize your news feed in the way you like. It enables you to prioritize who to see first, unfollow/follow people to hide/show their posts to appear in your news feed, find new Pages that match your interests

Mute Friend, Page, and Application

If you are not interested in the posts of any Facebook Page or Friend. You just need to click on the down arrow button next to post title and you will have the options to hide the posts or hide all posts from the user, page or application to stop seeing.