Where are fonts stored in Windows 10 and the font folder location?

The fonts that we have installed in our team natively, we can add as many as we want, they allow us to use different fonts both when it comes to writing documents when it comes to posters, posters, or any type of document that includes letters and numbers. Word, Photoshop, Excel, or any other application that allows adding texts, drink from Windows fonts.

None of these applications include the fonts, the fonts available on our computer are installed with Windows 10 and are available for all the apps that we install on our computer. Hence, when we install a new one, we do not install it in an application, but we do it in the system so that all applications can use it.

Where are fonts stored in Windows 10 and the font folder location

As I have commented in the previous paragraph, the fonts in Windows 10 are installed natively, so if we want to access the folder to install more, we just have to access the Fonts folder inside Windows.

However, it is not the best method to check which fonts are installed and what typeface they offer us. To see the fonts they offer us, we must access the Windows configuration options.

  • First, we access the Windows 10 configuration through the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I, or we access it through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown in the lower left part of this menu.
  • Next, we access the Personalization option and within personalization, click on Fonts, located in the left column of the menu.

In the left column, all the fonts that we have installed on our computer are displayed alphabetically. By clicking on each one, it shows us a full-screen example of the shapes of all the letters and numbers that it offers us.