How to Force Close a Program without Task Manager in Windows 10

In Windows, as in other operating systems, any application is susceptible to stop working and stay hanging while it is minimized. The same happens with applications that are generally in the background and that are in charge of working without showing a graphical interface.

When an application stops working or does not work satisfactorily, the best solution in force closing the application to start it again, when the application does not allow us to close it manually, we are forced to force it to close, a very simple process that we explain below.

First of all, we must bear in mind that if the process of forcing certain applications to close is a symptom that something is not working correctly. So we should try to find out what the problem may be, a probably is related to the memory of our team.

To force the closing of applications in Windows, we must perform the following steps:

  • Press and hold the keys Control + Alt + Del.
  • Then a Blue window will be shown in the case of Windows 10. In that window, we must select the Task Manager. In earlier versions of Windows 10, the task manager will appear directly.
  • Finally, we just have to place the mouse over the application that has stopped working (it will show the message Not responding) and go to the lower right button called End task.

By forcing the application to close, what we are doing will be lost, so if we had not taken the precaution of saving it, we would have to start over. The problem is that this is the only solution to be able to reopen the application.

In the case of Office documents, by opening the application again, we will be able to retrieve the last automatic copy made by the application. If, on the other hand, there are other applications, we will have no way of recovering what we had done until before hanging.