How to Get Most Out of Google Task

Google Task

Add to TasksUse Google tasks lists: Click On Gmail and click on Tasks and use the following tips:

1. Email based Task – If you received a Mail and you need to perform a certain task based on that mail in future. You can add this in your Google Tasks list. To use Google tasks on desktop just open that mail. Now click on More button at the top menu and click on Add to Tasks.

2. Priority or Categories based Task – If you have multiple categories and priorities based tasks. You can use Google Tasks organizer as per their priority or categories. Let say you want to manage Three lists, one for Personal Tasks, Second for Office Work and Third for Blog Posts.

Let’s do it by simply click on Switch list  button at bottom right corner and create new lists as per your priority and categories.

3. Due dated based tasks– If you are working on your toe and have many time-limited task than use Google tasks in a calendar to add the due date to your tasks by click on   (right angle bracket) to edit task and add a due date. This change in your task makes it appear in your Google Calendar.

4. Reorder Task List- If you want to rearrange your to-do list. Simply clicking and dragging on the icon  (the Drag to reorder) up and down.

5. Email of Print your entire to-do list- If you are using Google Task frequently than it might be possible that your task lists are long enough to track. So, if you want you can take a printout or email this entire long task list which allows you to look or track easily entire task list from time to time. for this Click on Action button left bottom corner of task window then select  Email or Print task list which is best for you

6. Open Task List in Separate Window – Inside Gmail, task list window is small and not good enough to view long task list. So, if you have a long task list. It will be good for you to open your task list in a separate window for the better view. For this just click on pop-out pop out arrow button before the close button. It will open the entire Task list in the new separate window. You can change the size of this window as per your requirement and comfort.

7. Open Task in tab-  If you want to open your task list manager in new tab jus click on following link It will give you a better space for work in To-do List.

8. Reader-Friendly version of Task list– If you want you can also open Task list in user reader-friendly version for this click on

9. Google Tasks Extension – If you want to have a look at your Task list without going to Gmail or Calendar. You can use Google Tasks Extension in Chrome Browser and see you’re To do list with a single click but first, you need to log in your Gmail account for it. You can use all the function as available in Gmail Task List.