How to Hide My Last Seen From Facebook Chat using Adblock Plus?

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms, which allow us to stay connected with our friends and family all around the world. But some of us need more privacy while using Facebook chat and they don’t want others to know when they were you were online last.

Hide Last Seen From Facebook Chat

In this tutorial, we will tell you a great trick which allows you to hide last seen from Facebook Chat using Chrome Extension Adblock Plus, which might be you are using for blocking ads.

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  1. Open your Chrome browser and install Adblock Plus if don’t have already installed.add-adblock-plus
  2. Now login your Facebook account.
  3. Click on Adblock plus extension icon and it will show a menu.
  4. Now select Options from Adblock plus menu. It will redirect you to the options page of Adblock Plus.
  5. Now select Add your own filters tab to hide last seen from Facebook chat.
  6. Here Add filter https://* and click on + Add filter.

That’s it after setting this filter your friends will never know when you were last online.