How to automatically hide the taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar is an indispensable element in Windows 10. Although there are times when we find it annoying and we do not want to use it, or we want it not to be shown on the screen. For example, when we use tablet mode or desktop mode in the operating system. Luckily, there is a way to make it hide automatically.

In this way, when we are using any of these modes in Windows 10, we can make the taskbar hide automatically on the computer. Without us having to, and when we exit these modes, the bar usually returns.

How to automatically hide the taskbar in Windows 10

As usual, in many cases, we will have to first open Windows 10 settings. We can do this using the Win + I key combination, which will open this configuration in a few seconds. Next, we have to enter the personalization section.

When we are in the personalization section, we look at the column on the left of the screen, where we have a series of options. The last one is the taskbar, on which we have to click. This will open the options in this section.

We will see that there are a couple of options that are to hide the taskbar when we use certain modes automatically: tablet mode and desktop mode. If we activate them, we can get Windows 10 to do this, so that when using these modes, the taskbar is automatically hidden.

In this way, it will be possible to hide it at any time using these modes. It is an option of great comfort, which also prevents us from having to do it manually every time we want to use one of these modes on our Windows 10 computer. Easy to use and fast.