How to Change the keyboard to other language in Windows 10

It may be the case that a configuration error in Windows 10, I change the keyboard language. Or that you bought a laptop abroad, and you have to change the language of it, to be able to use letters like Ñ in it. In this sense, being able to set Spanish as the language on your keyboard on the computer is very simple, we show you comfortable.

In this way, You can have Spanish as a language on the keyboard on your Windows 10 computer. The good thing about this system is that we can easily switch between languages. So if you work multiple languages ​​for work, you can switch between them at any time.

Change keyboard layout in Windows 10

Either because there has been a configuration error on the computer or because you have a computer from another country, we have to change the keyboard language layout in Windows 10. So that we will be able to establish Spanish as the language used in it at all times, in this sense, we will have to use the computer configuration for this process, so we use the Win + I key combination to open it in it.

When we have opened the configuration on the computer, we enter the Time and language section. It is the section in which we can make all the settings related to languages, also the language of the computer keyboard. Within this section, we look at the left column and click on the Language option. Then we will see in the center of the screen the section called Preferred Languages.

There we have a button with a + symbol that allows us to add a new language in Windows 10. Click on that button, and then we have to search the language we want on the list that comes out.

In this case, it is Spanish, but it may be that you are looking to add another language in your case, this is not so important. We just have to select that language in question in the list that appears on the screen.

We choose the language, and then we click the next button so that it will be installed on our computer. In the last step, we just have to click on the option to install.

When it is installed, we return to that section in Time and language. We can see that we already have Spanish as the language installed for the computer and keyboard.

When clicking on a language, we can see there are arrows, which will allow us to establish its priority. So if we want Spanish to be the priority language in Windows 10, we place it first in that list. This will be the default language.

Change from one language to another

As we said before, it is possible that for work, you have to use multiple languages ​​on your computer with Windows 10. In many cases, some languages have some letters or characters that are different, so we need the keyboard to adapt to them.

If you have all these languages ​​installed on your computer, switching between one and the other will be very simple in this case since there is a trick that allows us to do it with a simple click.

In the taskbar in Windows 10, we have to look at the right side, where the Time and date appear. Beside her normally ESP, or the initials of the language in which you have the keyboard of your computer.

If you click on these letters, you will get a small box where you can see the languages ​​you have installed on your computer, allowing you to go from one to another by clicking on the language in question.

So you are going to be able to alternate languages depending on your needs at all times. So if you have to write in another language at a certain time, just click on that icon to change the language.