How do I find the Hard Disk and RAM capacity on your Computer

Storage space on a computer is a precious asset, it is not unlimited and it is always important to have enough free space on the computer so that our computer works without performance problems. Know the capacity of our hard drive It allows us to establish limits of use.

Usage limits that go through not using the PC as a warehouse where everything fits. Depending on the use you make of your equipment, it is likely that you have tried to change the hard drive, but first, we must know How much hard disk capacity does our PC have?.

How do I find the hard drive and RAM capacity on your Computer

Like to know what processor has our pc wave amount of RAM memory that our PC has, to know how much hard disk we have, we have different methods, all of them equally valid and that At no time do they require the installation of third-party applications.


The BIOS is, to call it somehow, the operating system of the motherboard of our team, board to which all the components that are part of it are connected. By accessing the BIOS (each manufacturer offers a different method) we can access the information of the hard disk, the processor and the RAM, in addition to allowing us to modify the operating values ​​of the equipment, values ​​that we should not modify if we do not know what we are playing.

This equipment section, located in the left column of the file manager, we can access both the free space of our hard drive and its total size. If our team has more than one hard disk, this information will also be shown in this section.

If you plan to change your hard drive to a larger one, perhaps you should consider keeping the current hard drive to used to store information and buy an SSD to install the operating system and applications, in order to gain a lot of speed both when starting our team and when executing applications.