How to Make Windows 10 More Accessible For People With Low Vision

There are people who have various vision problems. But, whether for work or simply for leisure, they use a Windows 10 computer. But being able to see everything clearly is not always possible. Although in the operating system we have the possibility of adjusting many aspects so that people with vision problems can use the computer better. We will talk about these changes below.

So if you have vision problems, or someone you know has them, you will be able to use your Windows 10 computer in the best possible way. Which will make using the computer much simpler. This is something that can greatly facilitate the lives of such people.

How to Make Windows 10 More Accessible For People With Low Vision

In this sense, everything that can be done in Windows 10 found in the accessibility menu, within the configuration. It is a section in which we have many options aimed at adapting the use of the operating system to people with disabilities, such as vision problems.


The first section is the screen, in which we can adjust a couple of aspects. On the one hand, we have the possibility of changing the font size. This is always an aspect of great importance when using Windows 10. Since you have to find a font size that is comfortable for each person to use. Which is undoubtedly something very personal. Here you can try various different sizes. So there will be one that is more comfortable.

Further, you can also adjust the brightness of the screen. It may be another important aspect because there are people for whom a lower brightness can make the text easier to read or just the opposite. In any case, it is to adapt the brightness of the screen to the need at all times. What will allow better use?

Cursor and pointer size

Cursor and pointer sizes are always important to keep in mind. Because there are times when you can see clearly. So if a person who has a vision problem has to use Windows 10, it is essential that they can see it. In this section, we can experiment with a series of different sizes and designs. So it is possible to find one that is going to fit in a suitable way for that person.

The good thing is that you can test the sizes in this section. So the user will be able to choose the one they consider to be the best in their situation and thus have one that allows them to use Windows 10 in a more comfortable way. This is fully customizable. So you have to try and choose one. When one has been found, you can exit this section and use that size from then on.

High contrast

This is another important section, closely related to the brightness of the screen. For some people, depending on the background color of a text, it is not easy to read.

So this high contrast feature is something that allows you to modify this in a way that it will be possible to improve the contrast to favor the reading.

It is in this section where we will be able to adjust said contrast, among several options that Windows 10 makes available to us.

You just have to turn on that high contrast first, so that they will be able to choose the options that are available. You can try all of them, to see which one is the best for the person who has to use Windows 10.

It is something simple to configure, and it can also be changed whenever necessary if that person is not entirely satisfied with the chosen contrast. But it helps that the reading of any text is going to be something simpler for that person.