How much RAM does my PC have

The RAM memory in a computer, whether portable or desktop, is equal to or more important than the storage capacity. Depending on the amount of memory that our computer has, the applications and games will work in one way or another. Obviously, the more the better.

When we buy a laptop or computer, we pay attention to the different features that it offers us, in addition to the RAM, the processor, the hard disk, the screen size, the resolution … However, when time passes, it is likely that let’s not remembered┬áthe processor or the amount of RAM.

Knowing the amount of RAM memory that our team manages is information that we must know, not only to satisfy our curiosity but also if we plan to expand the quantity available in our team.

How much RAM does my PC have

We have two methods to know what is the amount of RAM that we have in our computer. The first one is through BIOS of our team, where we can also find all the technical information of our team such as the processor, the hard disk space …

The other way, perhaps simpler and more comfortable, is found within the Windows configuration options. To access this information, we must access the configuration options through the start menu or by pressing the key combination Windows key + i.

Then we click on System. Within the system, in the left column, we must select About. In the right column, within the Device Specifications section, both the name of the device in our network, as well as the processor that incorporates our device and the RAM that we have installed are shown.

If in this section, we can read that usable memory, it means that the computer is only using 4 GB of RAM even if it has more. This is because you have installed the 32-bit version of Windows 10, a version that is only capable of taking advantage of 4 GB. If you want to get the most out of your computer’s memory, you must install the 64-bit version.