How to roll back a device driver on Windows 10

While keeping Windows 10 drivers up-to-date is essential, it may come at some point; there is a new version that gives us operational problems. It is not something that happens frequently, but it may have happened to one of you. In these cases, there is a possible solution. Since it is possible to revert and go back to a previous version of the driver in question, this avoids this problem.

It is something that can be done without the need to install third-party programs. Windows 10 allows us to do this natively. So if at any given time you have a problem with a driver, you can do this. We show you the steps to be done next.

How to roll back a device driver on Windows 10

To do this, we must first go to the search bar in the Windows 10 taskbar. There we must enter the term Device Manager to go to it. When we get this option in the list, click on it to open it. Here we will have to search for the device whose driver is giving problems.

Once located, the device on which we want to make changes, we right-click and enter the properties option that appears on the list. Within the properties, we enter the controller tab. There we will see that there are several buttons, one of them is the Revert to the previous controller.

We have to click on it then, to return to the previous version of this driver in Windows 10. So we will be asked for some reason why we do this. Any of them can be selected. When we have done this, we must restart the computer so that the steps are saved.

So Windows 10 will remove the new software from this driver, the one that was giving us problems. In this way, we return to the previous version of it, with which we have had no operational problems at any time. This completes the process.