How to set up multiple time zone clocks on Windows 10

It is possible that due to labor issues, you have to be in contact with people living in another time zone. On many occasions, it is difficult to remember the difference, or you do not know exactly what time it is in that country. Therefore, we can use additional help on our Windows 10 computer. This help can be using an additional clock in the taskbar, which shows the time in that country.

In this way, we can know at all times what time it is in that country. In addition to being able to see it easily, as it integrates into the taskbar in Windows 10. To be able to do it, we don’t have to install anything; it is an option that we find on the computer itself.

The most interesting thing about this function is that we can add several additional clocks. So if you are in contact with people in various areas, it will be easy for you to see the time that is in each place, simply by consulting the taskbar of your computer. In case you want to add several clocks, you have to follow the same steps. So you will not have problems in this regard.

How to set up multiple time zone clocks on Windows 10

In this case, we are going to use the Windows 10 control panel to add a said clock. Therefore, we enter the term control panel in the search engine and click on that option. After a few seconds, the control panel will open on the computer screen. From the options that we find on the screen, click on the Clock and region section.

In the next window, we find several options, one of which is Add clocks for different time zones, on which we must press. Then you will be able to see the section that interests us, which is that of additional watches. Here we can configure the clock we want to use, showing a specific region or time zone. Once configured, just click on the option to show the clock.

Thus, this clock is going to be shown in Windows 10 taskbar. We can add several clocks, as you can see in that window. So if you were planning to add a couple of them, it would not be complex. If at any time you want to remove or modify any of them, you have to follow the same steps that we have completed now.