How to Access Your Hard Drive from Any Application or Taskbar

The Windows taskbar has been evolving giving support to different applications in different ways. On the one hand, there are the applications that need to be run when starting our computer, but which does not require user interaction and on the other, we find the applications that we want to use regularly.

Windows 10 offers us many options when it comes to customizing our equipment. The possibility of adding shortcuts to the configuration options is the best, but not the only ones. Always be present in any application, we can always have applications or shortcuts at hand that we may need at any given time.

This trick is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.

In this article, we show you how we can create direct access to our hard disk / s from the taskbar so that regardless of the application we are in, we can access our hard disk / s without leaving or minimizing the application we are in.

Windows OS: Access the hard drive from the taskbar

  • First, we open the File Explorer and click This computer.
  • Next, we place the mouse on the unit from which we want to create the direct access, press the right button and select the option Create Shortcut.
  • Next, we access the shortcut properties. In the Destination section, we add explore and the name of the unit followed by: without the quotes.
  • Next, we will see that the icon has changed, so the next step in pressing the button Change icon and use one of those offered by Windows natively.
  • Once we have direct access to our hard drive on the desktop with the icon that allows us to identify it more easily, we just have to drag it to the taskbar.

By default, Windows will display the shortcut with the same drive icon to make it much easier to identify it. If we create multiple shortcuts, we can change the icon to make it much easier to identify it and not to be confused of the unit when pressing on them.