How to activate dark mode in Windows 10 with a shortcut

If you regularly use your computer in low light conditions, the chances are that you may turn down the brightness of your monitor or equipment, so that your eyes do not end up hurting, especially if you do not use applications with dark backgrounds. But it is not the only option since Windows 10 offers us a dark mode.

Dark mode, just like any other operating system, replaces the traditional white background with dark gray and/or black (depending on the application). All native applications of Windows 10 are compatible with this dark mode, and when activated, they replace the background, so there is no need to adjust the brightness of our monitor or equipment.

Within the Windows configuration options, we can’t set a schedule for the dark mode to be activated and deactivated according to our needs, an option that would be fantastic, but forces us to resort to third-party applications.

But if you don’t want to use third-party applications to enable or disable dark mode in Windows, here is how you can enable or disable it with a keyboard shortcut.

How to Activate/Enable Dark mode with direct access

Dark mode

  • First, we access the Windows 10 configuration options through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i.
  • Then we click on Customization –> Colors.
  • We place the mouse on Colors, and we click with the right button to anchor at the beginning.
  • Once we have it in the start menu from our team, we drag it to the taskbar or wherever we want and execute it.
  • When you run it, the menu box with the option to activate the dark mode.

Although it is true, it is not a direct access; it is almost direct since we just have to press twice to activate it in the dark mode without having to install any application on our computer.