How to activate the troubleshooting function in Windows 10

The Windows 10 May update is leaving us with many new features, of enormous interest. One of the new features to be introduced is the so-called recommended troubleshooting. This function is intended for the operating system to advise us on what we should do when solving certain problems or failures that arise. So it can be useful in many cases.

It is a new function that we find in Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Although it is not activated by default, so it is we who have to do something to enable it. Although the steps to follow in this regard are really simple. What is there to do?

How to activate the troubleshooting function in Windows 10

There are a couple of ways to activate it, although one of them is very easy.

  • In this sense, we have to use Windows 10 settings. When we are in it, we have to go to the privacy section to start the process of activating this function.
  • Within this section, we mentioned in the column on the left side of the screen. There are a number of options available, from which we must select the Comments and diagnosis.
  • When we click on it, these options will be displayed on the screen. We look at the first section.
  • It is the Diagnostic Data section, where we have an explanatory text. In this section, we have two options, which are basic and complete.
  • What interests us is complete, so¬†Windows 10 will be of help in more situations. Although if you don’t have much interest in the function, the basic option will work well for you.
  • In this way, we have proceeded to activate this feature in Windows 10. It will help us when solving problems that arise in the operating system at some point.

In general, you will see that it is useful, although we are not going to need it too much.